Samsung Note 4

[GUIDE] Fastest way to properly undervolt your CPU

backup tool

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Qualcomm)

Here I have a 100% fix for the galaxy note 4 emmc error and random reboots,

Note 4 on problem /on off/hang/heat up/slow on & dead mobile solution,,other mobiles repair rol

Flash by app(Phone)
How To Flash TWRP Custom Recovery on your Galaxy Note 4!
Flash by ODIN(PC)
how to flash TWRP Custom Recovery on Galaxy Note 4
Fastes downloading page for firmware
Firmware: N910FXXU1DRI2


My own take on the eMMC brickbug.

Overclock and underclock Galaxy Note 4 easily

[ZIP] [GUIDE] NOTE 4 - KERNEL Profiles and Tweaks [Simple, Easy] [5 Jan]

[REF][GUIDE]Most up to date guide on CPU governors, I/O schedulers and more!

SuperR’s Kitchen


CPU voltage??
[AOSP/TW] Flashpoint Kernel {AOSP/Stock/N7 Ports} (V,T,P,W8,F)

Stock modified ROM N910F
[N910G/F/T] RamROM V10 [VoLTE][S8/Note7 Apps]

[THEME][MOD][6.0.1][5.1.1][5.0.1][4.4.4] Customize Your Galaxy Note 4 (N910F) [25/07]

[6.0.1] ApocalypseX_M_Rom [N910/F/G/V/P/T]



Weather2016 no Edge Default (no Bug)

[ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0


N910U Not supported
Fingerprint sensor
Bluetooth Microphone

[ROM][N910F][6.0.1] RaceRom v12 |N7 Port|N7/S8 Apps


-AOD. (Turn off AOD to enable automatic screen Brightness)
-Fingerprint (Use workaround)
(1: Flash 1_Fingerprint Zip
When on startup “settings” force closing then go into titanium backup and wipe data and cache from settings. Fc gets away.
2: register 3 fingers you like to use later (do not activate the lockscreen with fingerprint !)
3: Flash 2_Fingerprint Zip
4: Install 3rd party lockapp and use the fingerprint. (Hi locker)

ROM | Black Dog | Stock | v2 | 910 | 6.0.1

[UTILITY][MOD][N910F] Rom Control v1.1 For Note 4 Stock Roms [MULTI-DPI][16-04]

[6.0.1] Aurora / Norma Roms [N910/F/G/V/P/T]


  • Always on Display
  • Fingerprint

[EOL][ROM][N910F][ALEXNDR] DRF1 DevBase v5.9 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat [Aug-11]

[Rom][6.0.1][ MM ] [TW] Nameless V8[N910F/G] [ Light*Fast ] [ Deodexed ]

This rom is for N910C Only
[ROM]eRobot ROM for Note4 V.37 XXS2DRK2 Android 6.0.1 MultiCSC Aroma

This Rom is for N910G We Only support N910G Officially
[Enhanced Rom] (n910G/F/T (6.0.1) (S8/N7 Apps) (DreamUX Style!) (STABLE 03/04/2017)


[MM][14 June] RamKernel RC6 [SafetyNet] [N910G/F/T/P/V/W8/N9100][N915G/F/D/FY/T/W8]
RamKernel N910F V8.1 Permissive
RamKernel RC6 download link

Omap Boot Procedure




TI Linker Command File Primer
Linker CMD Files for CCS


Preloader and U-Boot Customization - v13.1
Fast Boot Linux with u-Boot Falcon Mode
Preparing a Uboot image for Altera’s Cyclone V SoC FPGA

Repack kernel

./umkbootimg '/home/lukas/SamsungP5100/BootImg/boot.img'
./unpack_ramdisk initramfs.cpio.gz
./repack_ramdisk ramdisk_ initramfs.cpio.gz
./mkbootimg --kernel zImage --ramdisk initramfs.cpio.gz --base 0x80000000 --cmdline 'console=ttyO3,115200n8 mem=1024M androidboot.console=ttyO3 vram=20M omapfb.vram=0:16M' -o new_boot.img

AnyKernel2 - Easily Mod ROM Ramdisk + Pack zImage

[KERNEL] [UNIFIED] Anykernel

[DEV][WIP][OS] Ubuntu Linux on Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P31xx

Boot Arguments

Passing Kernel Arguments


Understand U-Boot memory footprint

Android Boot and Recovery Images

9.5 U-Boot

TI Booting Linux kernel using U-Boot
Linux Core U-Boot User’s Guide


[MOD]UART Debugging Connection

Partitons, Functions, Security, Hardware, Kernels and Methods

The First bootable SDCard for Nook Tablet

Say hi to “CyanoBoot” – a 2nd bootloader/w menu aka “ub2”

CyanoBoot for Nook Tablet Released

U-boot for NookTablet

How to Guide: Bootable (CM7/CM9/CM10) SDCard for Nook Tablet

Dual-Boot SDCard | CM7.2 Source | Guides | Recovery | Stock 1.4.2

BCB, BootCnt, and the bootdata partition

[DISCUSSION] on the boot loader [CRACKED!]

Bootloader cracked and next steps

[UNBRICK] Repartition, Reformat, Restore and Rescue SDcard

B&N repartition SD card Boot

Search: Posts Made By: bauwks

Fixing Samsung Galaxy Tab Broken Cable Charger
U-boot for the multi-boot support

UnBrick Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are more possibilities how to repair Hardbrick Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:

  • For those who damaged boot loader can try Running stock U-Boot from SD Card
  • For those who have HW fault like eMMC bug can participate on development Running entire system from SD Card
    The second one may be solve later with help of some experienced people from hire.

Run stock U-Boot from SD Card


  • Hardbrick Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P5100). can be recognized that it don’t do nothing, charging not working, power button do nothing, recovery not working. More info How To Unbrick Your Galaxy Tab!
  • SD Card Support UHS-I UHS104 (SDR104), with is not easy to determine with Card support this format and with not. I tried meny cards and label UHS-I is not enough so I asked SanDisk support they recommended SanDisk Extreme. I bought SanDisk Extreme 32GB, and this card is working. I would say that every card 90MB/s+ should work.

step 0 not for linux


step 1

Windows & Linux

step 2

Prepare SD card


Use win iso burner to write Debrick dump imgs to Sd Card.


Write Debrick dump imgs to Sd Card.
Be careful to use right device sdX

root@lukas-debian:/home# dd bs=4M if=debrick.img of=/dev/sdX status=progress conv=fsync

step 3

In Linux Run

root@debian:/home/lukas/SamsungP5100/omapboot# python3 -b

you will see:

root@debian:/home/lukas/SamsungP5100/omapboot# python3 -b

Boot from MMC1 interface selected.
Waiting for omap44 device.

  • Connect Tablet to PC
  • Press Power button for long time approximately 10s
  • You should see this in command line:

    Boot from MMC1 interface selected.
    Waiting for omap44 device.
    Model: 4430
    ROM revision: 0x04
    CH: enabled
    Underdocumented ASIC subblock #18: 00
    IDEN: 0xE5FD23CE0F5FDF902D7EDA9B4D848D687F62372A
    MPKH: 0xB585ACF1DD15B06A74813BFDDD6ECD64227CE4C90658C65B4C53AC229B4C6DC0
    CRC0: 0x9C669AD9
    CRC0: 0x682ADCCF
    recevied ASIC ID banner:
    Model: 4430
    ROM revision: 0x04
    CH: enabled
    Underdocumented ASIC subblock #18: 00
    IDEN: 0xE5FD23CE0F5FDF902D7EDA9B4D848D687F62372A
    MPKH: 0xB585ACF1DD15B06A74813BFDDD6ECD64227CE4C90658C65B4C53AC229B4C6DC0
    CRC0: 0x9C669AD9
    CRC0: 0x682ADCCF
    Giving x-loader a chance to come up...Probably loaded!
  • Tablet should start to some firmware recovery mode see picture 1

  • You should be able to use ODIN to repair internal memory, in my case ODIN stop in the half of loading, I probably have eMMC bug.

Running entire system from SD Card

I’m trying to modify U-Boot and Kernel to load entire system from SD Card. Some have done it Say hi to “CyanoBoot” – a 2nd bootloader/w menu aka “ub2” different device same CPU.

First step of boot is loading x-loader. The x-loader is signed so we have to use original one from Samsung. After some peripheral initialization x-loader copy u-boot to ram checking for magic constant as copied code and execute it. This is the place where we can change u-boot to boot from SD Card, because x-loader load u-boot from the same device as was loaded him.

u-boot source

Do anyone have u-boot source from Samsung?
I used this Guide and copy something from Nook device u-boot source because they made boot from SD Card on same CPU OMAP4430. And lge_p920 from LG Open-source repository. Do anyone have better idea?

How to compile

u-boot source
Building U-BOOT #(for Blaze)


I’m using Stock boot.img from package.

Prepare Debrick.img

Rewrite part of Image Files

Write recovery.img to specific address in debrick_changed.img address 0x2C00000 write in hex or dec depend on system (seek=$((0x1800000)) for linux) (seek=46137344 for Windows).
You need to rewrite:
x-loader (MLO) 0x20000
u-boot (Sbl.bin) 0x1800000
boot.img 0x2400000
recovery.img 0x2C00000

dd if=C:\temp\Tablet\sdCardDebrick\recovery.img of=C:\temp\Tablet\sdCardDebrick\debrick_changed.img seek=$((0x1800000)) oflag=seek_bytes conv=notrunc

UART Debugging

Pin 21 of Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 Pin Dock Connector Pinout is output of debug messages for x-loader and u-boot (port UART4). I would like send Kernel debug output to this port. Anyone know how to do it?
I’m using UB232R for conecting to PC.

[TOOL] Boot.img tools [unpack, repack, ramdisk]


[TOOL] Android Image Kitchen - Unpack/Repack Kernel Ramdisk [Win/Android/Linux/Mac]

Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

How To Unbrick Your Galaxy Tab!

P1000 GTab Dev Platform AKA UnBrickable Mod And Software Resurection

ModeDetect USBID Detector

Unbrick using OMAP flasher

OMAPFlash recovery p5113

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5100

eMMC Firmware

Unbrick using OMAP flasher

[Pit][Pit Files][For All Samsung Tab 2 Tablets][Updated-Op]

An alternative for Tab 2 emmc bug & brick backup

Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100G

Repair Totally Sleep/Dead Boot Mode Via USB

omap4430hs_espresso_Inter i910

Unbrick dead Samsung GT-i9250 Galaxy Nexus, GT-I9100G , GT-I9300

Octopus Samsung/Octoplus Samsung

[Galaxy S III][IMPORTANT] GT-I9300 Hard Brick Fix

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So I bricked my GNEX…Then brought it back to life!

Nexus brick. OMAP Flash Tutorial in post 10


u-boot / omap4boot for P920/P720/P940 and its variant


Android gingerbread eMMC booting

search for OMAP Flash Loader (Media:omapfl-1.0.tar.gz)
OMAP Flash Recovery Utility


UnBrick the UnBrickable Captivate Samsung

omapboot Python

JOdin3 CASUAL Cross Platform and Web-Based Flashing For Samsung Phones

Create your own MLO for a BeagleBoard XM


Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung Galaxy S devices.
Heimdall gitlab
Firekit LiveUSB repair kit 1.1- when you’re about to kill Windows

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Flash ROM

  1. TWRP booted click on “Wipe
  2. Click on “Format Data
    Type “yes” and confirm format action
  3. Once format data is done click on the “Back” button.
  4. Now click on “Advanced Wipe
  5. Check - Dalvic / ART Cache , System , Cache
  6. Swipe to confirm wipe action
  7. Once wipe is done, TWRPs main screen. Click on the “Reboot” button
  8. Click on “Recovery”, after that Swipe to reboot
  9. Done! Wait until your device rebooted into recovery, now you can flash rom.
  10. click install
  11. find rom to install .( flash )
  12. click add more files .
  13. find gapps file add it .
  14. now swipe to flash.
  15. once flash is done , click Wipe cache/Dalvik .
  16. click reboot .
  17. all done

Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 Pin Dock Connector Pinout

Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1, 3G)

Custom Rom Development by Android-Andi

Build for espresso3g

Setup to compile espresso kernel

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GSM - unified)

Battery Monitor

Galaxy Tab Serial Cable

Other sources

OMAP Android Main
[set up UART]
]set up UART
Building Android
Android Pre-built Binaries Guide
Android Installing Busybox Command Line Tools
Android Recovery
Adb over USB
Source Trees