Stop google play from automatically updating

First, you must have version 4.8.2 installed (just replace it in /system/app with the new
Download a root service from the store called “Disable service” (again make sure root is installed and the app is given root permission)
Now, in the disable service app, navigate to the system app tab and find Google play store. Tap on it and you will get a list of services
Scroll to the bottom and uncheck “check Wifi And Update” service.
You will see a “please wait” notification, and at the bottom busybox should appear, notifying you that the app was given root access
Exit the app and voila! Google play store will never update itself or Google play services ever again (unless you install a new version, in which case you would need to repeat the process)

How can I stop Google play from automatically updating?

LG GW620 Flash original Firmware

1 Install LG Support Tool v.

2 Extract HardReset_LG_Flasher.7z

3 Copy LGMLauncher.exe and LGUserCSTool.exe to C:/ProgramData/LGMOBILEAX

4 Install drivers from HardReset_LG_Flasher LGUnitedMobileDriver_S50MAN310AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3.10.1_3.10.1.0(1).exe Disconnect phone before install and connect after install. It should appear in Device manager as composite LG device.

4 Run HardReset_LG_Flasher.exe

5 Load kdz file

6 Select Normal web upgrade test

7 Click on Clear phone Software update Registry

8 Select language and click on OK

9 Upgrade in progress

if you have non original rom maybe you have to extract kdz by KP500-Utils-EN.exe ( LG Utils 0.4.2) and 7Zip.
and flash by LGMDP v.1.5 Build 13.06
it only rewrite boot image not system so you have to ho whole procedure.
Full Arcitle about this part

Rom V20D_00.kdz Android 2.2 Foyo
Rom V10I V10F Android 1.5-1.6 probably

LG gw620

[[APP] Superuser - Now on the Market [2010-09-05]] (

Here are a bunch of external references. Some of these may disappear and become bad links. Some link to material from questionable sources that you may not want to consume. Use your judgement.

Publications and talks - “Base band apocalypse” talk - “All your basebands are…” slide deck - “Baseband playground” slide deck - “Defending mobile phones” 28c3 talk - “Reverse engineering a qualcomm baseband” 28c3 talk. Debugging tools, but for a pre-L4 REX system. - online pdf of android software release plan from qualcomm. Has a nice appendix showing software stack and listing qualcomm docs
blogs and articles - TJWorld is a wiki that contains a lot of information about the HTC Vision including some information about the hardware and baseband software - chinese article on l4 + rex + amss
GSM projects or documentation - osmoconbb is an open source GSM baseband - OpenBTS is an open sources GSM base station that runs on USRP software defined radio devices - OpenBSC is an open source GSM base station controller running on certain micro/nano BTS hardware
Debugging and analysis tools - JTAG information for HTC dream;page_name=htc_dream_g1_jtag - building a cable for the htc dream serial console (bootloader) - OpenOCD JTAG software
misc and nearby files, looks like some leaked code

Datasheet for MSM7200

Unavailable - files that were online previously but now hard to find
80-VE263-25-MSM7200A-BasebandTopics.pdf - HtcDream service manual