Build AritmaControl Software

apt-get install freeglut3-dev libstdc++

gcc 'plt_view.c' -lGLU -lGL -lglut -lm

Move FLAGS Eclipse

Move FLAGS in Eclipse to the end of line

Add library path to Eclipse

error while loading shared libraries

Note that the project is not maintained anymore.



User Interface with Ant Tweak Bar

Maybe for next version


Blendish for C
Interesting toolkit c++
MinGfx Toolkit

GLFW Getting started


Point in polygon
Line–line intersection

Delete overlapping objects

How to know if a point is inside a circle?
Check if a circle is contained in another circle
Is a circle inside a polygon?

Resize objects

resizing the shape

Vzdálenost bodu od přímky
Normálový vektor přímky

the general form equation of a line from two points

How can I find the general form equation of a line from two points?
Obecná rovnice přímky
Jak určit obecnou rovnici přímky určené dvěma body
Two vectors are in the same direction if?
Scalar Multiplication of Vectors: Definition & Calculations
How to Find the Angle Between Two Vectors
Calculate a point on the line at a specific distance
Funkce cosinus

Distance from a point to a line
Midpoint circle algorithm

An Efficient Way to Draw Approximate Circles in OpenGL

Line Intersecting Circle

How do I calculate the intersection(s) of a straight line and a circle?
Circle line-segment collision detection algorithm?
Intersection of a Line and a Circle
Line Intersecting Circle at Two Points
Circle-Line Intersection
Intersection of circle and a line
Find the Points of Intersection of a Circle with a Line
Circle-Line Intersection

Picking Objects OpenGL

Picking with a physics library
Picking with custom Ray-OBB function
Picking and Using Selection
Picking with an OpenGL hack
Mouse picking with OpenGL
OpenGL Picking Tutorial

Crop objects

Check if a point belongs on a line segment

Load data from file

Vektorový grafický formát HPGL
Vektorový grafický formát DXF

Translate DXF to GCode

Image to GCode

Python on Windows