Image to G-Code

Working Solution

Install Inscape with Python support

Export trace as dxf from Inkscape acording tutorial: How to create a GCode file from a JPG or DXF.
Open in LibreCAD do what is neccesary scale move etc.
Export as MakerCAM SVG.

Import SVG in FlatCAM.
Continue in FlatCAM.

Tested on

Inscape 0.92.3 x64 2405546, 2018-03-11
LibreCAD 2.1.3
FlatCAM 8.5 2016/07

If you want to use DXF2GCODE you have to export from Inkscape without LWPOLYLINE.

Inspired by
How to create a GCode file from a JPG or DXF

Path to script in LinuxCNC GitHub


apt-get install python-tk python-imaging-tk

Alternatively using pip

pip install python-tk pillow

gcode Python module

Update script


Another tool
Image to gcode

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